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Oliver Kellman Biography by Oliver N.E. Kellman

Oliver Kellman, Jr., J.D., a Washington, D.C.-based emerging markets consultant and strategist, practices in following specialized areas: Domestic & International Public Policy and Geopolitical Engagement. Oliver Kellman, Jr. is a graduate of American University's Washington College of Law where he earned a Juris Doctorate degree and John Jay College of Criminal Justice graduating cum laude where he earned Bachelor of Science degrees in criminal justice and psychology. Mr. Oliver Kellman worked for the United States Congress during a tenure spanning several years, several capacities, and several members of Congress and Congressional Committees as chief -counsel, legislative-director and finally Chief of Staff where he worked for the United States House of Representatives' Committee on the Judiciary, Congressman Elliott Engel and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Mr. Oliver Kellman has also served as a senior advisor to several financial and international groups in the Midd…

Olives Play a Critical Role in the Economies of Different Countries by Mike McNesby

Olive oil and olive consumption has increased dramatically over the past decade as more countries continue to realize the health benefits of olives, as well as an increase in production where these trees are grown. Spain is one of the largest producers of olive oil in the world, and production for the past five years has increased quite a bit since there has been greater demand for output across the globe. India is a nation that has recently realized the great health benefits of olives and olive oil; Spain is their main importer of olive oil, and they receive around seventy thousand five hundred tons of this product per year. India has developed more purchasing power in recent years; this combination of health knowledge has greatly increased the production for Spain's olive industry. At the same time, this has led Spain to overproduce their products, which has led to a drop in prices; at the current costs, olive oil produced in Spain costs less to buy than to manufacture. Their in…